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Software: DJ Drive Tool

DJ Drive Tool screenshot: Performance tab

Designed for Four Functions:

Verify Disk Integrity

Drive Tool will either scan or write test data to the entire surface of your disk to make sure that the disk is suitable for storing data. You can make sure your disk can be used to store data reliably.

Wipe Data from Drives

Drive Tool will overwrite your drives in up to three passes: two with random data, one with all zeros, to make sure your data can never be recovered. This is useful when selling or disposing of a computer or drive.

Recover Damaged Data

Drive Tool will make multiple attempts at trying to read data from damaged portions of a drive. Once read, the data is re-written back to disk so it can then be copied (manually) or opened in its native application.

Drive Performance Testing

Starting with version 1.3, Drive Tool records performance data as disks are being scanned. The results can be submitted to the DJP Card Database.


  • Fast! Large data buffers allow data reads and writes to occur much faster than other similar tools
  • Secure! Random data is generated using cryptographically secure generators
  • Flexible! One piece of software performs many functions
  • Free! DJP doesn't require any licenses to be purchased
DJ Drive Tool screenshot: Performance tab

Mode Chart

Select a software mode based on your needs:

Mode Intent Read User Data Random Data, Pass 1 Random Data, Pass 2 Write Zeros Restore User Data Verify User Data * Run Time
Write Verify * Write Verify *
Read Ensures all data is readable
Recovery Rebuilds difficult-to-read data As Needed As Needed 1×+
Refresh Refreshes all data on a disk/Performance test
Wipe Zeros Erases all data
Wipe Random 1 Erases all data Option Option 1×-3×
Wipe Random 2 Erases all data Option Option Option 2×-5×
Verify Level 1 Tests disk integrity
Verify Level 2 Tests disk integrity
Verify Level 3 Tests disk integrity

* Verify = Re-read data just written to disk to ensure it was written properly

How much?

It's free! No charge. Download it and use it all you want, at home, at work, even in a corporate environment. The software is fully functional without buying any license.

If, however, you do find it useful, please consider making a donation. But if you can't, don't worry about it. Use it guilt-free.

Where do I get it?

Download: Installer or Standalone Package. The standalone package is designed to be able to run from a USB flash drive, or you can choose the more traditional type of installer.

As of version 1.1, it will ask to keep itself up-to-date as new versions are posted. If you are running version 1.0, you will need to download the 1.1 update manually.

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