Doug Johnson Productions

Video Production for Business


Present a professional image to your employees and customers.

Virtual Presence

Stream conferences and meetings to remote locations to avoid travel time and expenses.

Play Later

Have a permanent video that employees and customers can reference on-demand forever.

Why DJP?

With decades of experience behind us, we can make you look your best. A polished video produced by DJP can make you look as professional as you are.

We will work closely with you before your event to make sure that we understand your needs clearly and do everything in our power to ensure everything runs smoothly and looks fantasic. We walk through the whole process with you, step by step, making sure that we handle everything we can so you don't have to.

Equipment is important too -- most cameras don't handle the challenging lighting conditions of convention centers and other locations where meetings typically take place very well. The cameras we've selected are designed to handle both indoor and uncontrolled lighting conditions with ease. We've also designed all of our equipment to ensure that any live projection is done with virtually no delay, something consumer and film-oriented gear simply can't handle.

Why Live Switching?

Live switching is when we shoot with multiple cameras and switch between them for the recording, Internet streaming, or even display on a projection screen. Live switching gives you a number of advantages over edit later (in post production):

  • The final video is ready to go as soon as the event is over, often even available to be watched immediately
  • The video can be projected on-site, shared via CCTV, and/or streamed remotely
  • Coordination between director and camera operators means everything is covered, and you don't end up with unnecessary duplicate shots
  • Post-production costs are minimal, if there are any at all

Most of the time it actually costs less to live switch than it does to do multi-camera editing in post production, even when the extra equipment for switching is taken into consideration. And you get the benefits of having a video that can be viewed or shared in real-time.


  • Multiple Cameras
  • Remotely Controlled Cameras
  • Projection
  • Pre-Recorded Video Playback
  • PowerPoint or Keynote Presentations
  • Document Camera
  • Live Internet Streaming
  • Remote Skype Sessions
  • Professional Audio
  • On-Site Distribution
  • Ultra HD 4K