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Site Security

Security of the DJP website is very important to me. As a software developer with more than 30 years of professional experience, I've seen the amount of damage that can occur when a programmer doesn't make security the primary focus as they're creating a website. The results can be catastrophic.

For that reason, as I've created the site I have made security priority number one. From the very first steps of selecting a hosting service through picking page templates and code libraries, the first consideration is always security. For that reason, very little of this site actually uses publicly available code. Far too many open source and other free software solutions are lacking from a security standpoint, as the majority of software developers are either completely untrained, or poorly trained in security. Every week multiple sites are compromised because of flaws in code that the site's developers didn't write or didn't vet properly. My belief is that most freely available code is best avoided when possible. So aside from the basic page template (which should be safe) I've coded the site completely from scratch with security in mind from day one, not bolted-on and retrofitted into the site afterward. The security implications of every line of code were considered before they were added.

Over nearly ten years at my last full-time job one of my primary responsibilities was security -- from coding, to training, to auditing. I couldn't tell you how much time I spent learning which coding techniques are good and which are bad, and the methods that hackers use to get into data on websites. Even though I had been developing software for nearly three decades before I became involved with that project, I was very naive. But I learned so, so much, and have applied that knowledge in every aspect of the creation of not only this site but all of the software I'm involved with at any level. I've spent more than a few hours every week for more than ten years learning more about data security, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, and apply what I learn here. Every site on the Internet that is hacked teaches the developer community something valuable, and those discoveries are regularly considered and changes are made here where applicable.

To that end, I'm doing everything I can to protect your data. A few basic examples:


  • The site is protected by an industry-leading firewall.
  • I check for and install security updates on the site web server multiple times per week.
  • Account information is protected using the latest and most secure techniques, making hacking your account as difficult as possible. (For example, your password isn't actually stored on the site – we store a mathematical representation of that password, even more advanced than what is considered state-of-the-art. This is intentionally very difficult to calculate, and I will gradually make it more difficult over time as computers get faster.)
  • The site messaging feature filters out everything but very specific types of allowed content so nobody can send you a message that can hijack your computer.
  • The way the site tracks logins is far more secure than is typically found on even the most secure websites. Hijacking your login would be extremely difficult.


  • The site only collects the information that is needed to make it functional.
  • Your personal information is only made available to those who absolutely need it -- for example, with your permission we'll share your phone number with other members of the crew working a particular event, but nobody else besides site management will ever see it.
  • We will never sell any of your data to anyone, ever!

The bottom line is that security and your privacy are of paramount importance. I have done, and will continue to do, everything in my power to protect your data and maintain your confidence. If you have questions or wish to submit other feedback about the site, please contact me here.

Doug Johnson
Engineer and Developer