Doug Johnson Productions

Multi-Camera for School


DJP can handle events of any type: graduations, sports, presentations, stage productions.


To help teach video production, we're happy to allow students to direct, run cameras or other equipment. This also helps cut your costs by using free or low cost student labor.

Instant Review

By switching between cameras during a game, you'll have a finished recording minutes after it is over. Coaches and players can review performance immediately after the game is over.

Why DJP for Schools?

We understand that school budgets are already tight, and are shrinking, especially for the arts. DJP is much more affordable than other professional video production companies.

Additionally, we're happy to help your students learn the business. When we produce one of your events we're happy to include students to give them exposure to professional gear and help them gain experience.

For sporting events, instant availability of high quality, high frame rate video footage can help both players and coaches alike review what went well and where they can improve. Review sessions can take place immediately after a game is over.

Why Live Streaming?

Many student events happen at times or locations that are inconvenient for parents and other family and friends. By live streaming an event anyone can tune in live, or watch at their convenience. And students involved in a production can review their performance right away.

Types of Events

  • Sports
  • Graduation
  • Assembly
  • Stage Play
  • Talent Show
  • Orientation
  • Training


  • Multiple Cameras
  • Remotely Controlled Cameras
  • Wireless Cameras
  • Student Involvement
  • Integration into Venue Video Screen (IMAG)
  • On-Site Video Distribution
  • Live Internet Streaming