Doug Johnson Productions

Partner Participants

Doug Johnson Productions keeps costs low by not having a full-time staff. It also means that we need to partner with qualified professionals to meet the needs of our customers. We already have a pool of people we know and trust, but we're always open to meeting and including new people.

If you have experience in any area related to video production, and you live in the Utah County or Salt Lake area, please register as a crew member on the site now.

Partner Organizations

We're also always looking for opportunities to partner with other businesses that offer supporting services. For example, if you are a concert promoter we'd love to be in contact to offer video services to the bands you work with. Or if you own a venue, we'd love to be your preferred video production company. You'll be able to offer video services to your clients with confidence that the work will be done right. You'll also be eligible for referral bonuses.

Referral Program

We also offer bounties to anyone who helps us find production jobs. Contact us for more information.