Doug Johnson Productions


Video Engineer/Consulting

Our owner and video engineer is available for businesses in need of consultation for video-related services. If you are building your own video production business, Doug Johnson is available to help. Doug has been working with video for over thirty years, more than twenty of those in a professional capacity. He hosts the Doug Johnson Productions YouTube channel, where he regularly posts videos to assist the video production community with training, product reviews, behind-the-scenes, and tips and tricks.

More personalized service is available as well.


Online consultations via Zoom, Skype, or other video chat tools are available.


Consultations over the phone are also available.


If your needs are more significant, Doug is available to visit on-site within the United States.

Topics of Expertise

Doug is well versed and experienced in the following topics:

  • Professional video production techniques (25 years)
  • Budget-friendly video production gear (25 years)
  • Managing a video production business (5 years)
  • Video production technologies (30 years)
  • Video camera operator (25 years)
  • Technical directing (5 years)
  • Online video streaming (10 years)
  • Computer networking and security (25 years)
  • Fiber optics (5 years)
  • Web site development (20 years)
  • Windows software development (25 years)
  • Audio production, Live and Studio (30 years)

Doug is probably not the right person to talk to if you're looking for someone with a broad knowledge of all products available for doing audio/video production. He is not a salesperson, and mostly only works with the products he owns. If you're looking for advice on what products to buy, you're probably better off talking to a salesperson at your favorite equipment vendor.

Requesting a Consultation

Please fill out the following information, and we'll get back with you to setup a time for your consultation.

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Consultation Rates
  • Online/Phone: $125/hour in ½-hour blocks, 2-hour Minimum
  • On-Site: $1000/day plus Travel Expenses, 2-day Minimum

All consultations must be paid for in advance. Unused time will be refunded.