Doug Johnson Productions

Live Concerts


DJP shoots all concert events in better-than-broadcast 4K30 or 1080p60 Full HD for the highest quality video.

Marketing Tool

The popularity of YouTube makes it a great tool to find new fans and excite existing ones. Streaming a live concert is something fans will remember and appreciate forever.

Instant Music Videos

Concert videos can make great music videos and can usually be produced more inexpensively.

Why DJP?

We shoot concerts regularly. Currently more than any other type of event. So we have the experience to do it right.

Why Live Switching?

An on-site video crew combined with a video screen allows everyone at the venue to have the best seat in the house. Even the fans stuck with an otherwise bad seat in the back can get a great view when live video switching and projectors are used.

Live switching also means you'll have a completed video, ready to go, right after your concert is over. There's no waiting for an editor to piece your final video together.

Having a director in constant communication with camera operators means that we're guaranteed to always be getting at least one great shot. Operators don't have to guess whether someone else might be covering the most important part of the action, or whether what they're shooting is already being shot by someone else. They know when it is safe to move or reframe their shot because they are receiving proper direction. It also guarantees variety, as a director can make sure that each operator is getting something unique and interesting.

Why Live Streaming?

Live streaming means the size of your audience is unlimited. You no longer have to find a huge venue to house your viewers. It also means that people can watch from anywhere -- which can save you on travel time and costs. Many live streaming services even have an option to charge to watch the stream, giving you an additional revenue source.

Sample Videos

Our clients tend to be very discerning about where and how their videos are distributed. As a result nearly all of our work is private and is not available for public viewing. However, we have posted a handful of videos on our Sample page.

Please note that these don't necessarily represent our best, or even most recent work. They are simply a small sampling of the many videos we've worked on.


  • Multiple Cameras
  • Remotely Controlled Cameras
  • Wireless Cameras
  • Integration into Venue Video Screen
  • On-Site Video Distribution
  • Isolated Camera Recordings
  • Live Internet Streaming

Drones are not available, as currently it is illegal to operate a drone over a crowd of people.