Doug Johnson Productions

Software Development

Doug Johnson, the owner of DJP, has been doing software development for over forty years, 40 of which professionally. He grew up with computers in the home, beginning with a DEC PDP-11, moving to Atari 8-Bit and Atari ST computers before making the switch to Windows in the early 1990s.

His first professional endeavors centered around custom contract software development. Within a few years he had completed several major contracts in several different industries — telecommunication, legal, industrial, religious, and transportation.

A few years after starting contract work, Doug began releasing software into the retail space. Between 1987 and 1991 he had released three products available commercially. The first retail product, MOTerm Elite, was a telecommunication utility designed to communicate with Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) and included capabilities not found elsewhere in the industry — features like transmission of graphics and audio in real-time over telephone lines, something nobody else was doing in 1987. His second retail package, the MOS Disk Utilities, was designed to troubleshoot and repair problems with hard and floppy disks. Along the way with the Atari ST there were many other utilities, including a desktop publishing system, image processing, audio editing, just to name a few.

In the mid 1990s Doug took a job with Brigham Young University, and soon became the lead software developer in the department he was working in. Shortly thereafter he became the Oracle Database Administrator there as well. He designed and was the main architect and developer on their Human Resources system.

At that same time Doug was working on his first commercially available piece of software designed for Microsoft Windows: FileBack PC, a file backup utility which was quite popular for nearly a decade, and won numerous awards early in its life. FileBack PC was used by numerous Fortune 500 companies and a few arms of the United States government. Shortly thereafter came PicSwitcher, designed to convert and otherwise manipulate digital pictures in batch. Later, EZ Pinger (a server monitoring tool) followed. Under the MOS name, Doug also produced numerous other small, free utilities, such as the MOS Authenticator.

From 2007 to 2016 Doug was the primary architect and lead developer for a Point-of-Sale system for one of the top 5 largest pizza chains in the world. The system included not just the POS functionality, but it also handled all of the back-office needs as well — timeclock, HR, inventory, messaging, ordering, sales projections and analytics, and a full Customer Relationship Manager. By the time Doug left the project more than 80% of all of the code running in the stores and the back-end was code he had written. He wrote over 1 million lines of code for that system, and it is still in use today.

In terms of custom software development for hire, it has been ongoing non-stop since his first project in 1985. He has developed complete systems in more industries than he can keep track of, such as legal, industrial, transportation, petroleum, retail sales, healthcare, and biotech. Most calendar years he brings at least one or two new fully-custom systems online.

Today Doug is still taking on custom software development jobs, but is just as focused on live video production and the tools associated with it. His most recent software project is, a site for helping video producers schedule events, communicate with their crews, keep track of their equipment, and build relationships with their customers, just to name a handful of its capabilities.

While his experience is broad, Doug specializes in custom software solutions, utility software, websites, and software security. He has extensive experience with C#, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Delphi, Visual Basic, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, with slightly lesser experience with many other tools. His preferred style is to develop everything from scratch on his own to make sure that the code is secure, efficient, and as bug-free as possible. As such, he has well-tested, lean and mean libraries of his own creation to make sure that code development and execution are both as streamlined as they can be.

If you're in need of custom software development, feel free to contact Doug. He offers competitive rates, fast turn-around times, and a very broad base of experience to pull from.