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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is DJP?

DJP is Doug Johnson Productions -- a new company formed in late 2016 to provide high quality multi-camera video production at an affordable price.

DJP is a small company with basically only one full-time member. Everyone else we work with is a contractor we utilize when we have events going on. The company is designed to keep costs low so we can provide the best value to our customers, and pay our crew as much as possible without wasting resources on unnecessary overhead.

What are the obligations of signing up with DJP?

For the most part you aren't under any obligations to DJP when signing up as a contractor. There is one exception, though...

The only thing we ask is that you always make sure to refer clients you've met while working a DJP job back to DJP for any future work. So if you are approached by someone you meet through DJP at or after an event and are asked to work for them, you should refer them back to DJP. We may not be interested, but we should always be given the option.

Considering how hard DJP works to find clients, we feel it is only fair to ask that DJP always be given a chance to continue working with those clients and people we meet at those events in the future.

Other than that, you can work for anyone you'd like on any type of project with our blessing. We wish you well in your career!

If I sign up, do I have to work DJP gigs?

Absolutely not. We only expect that you'll work the events that you've expressed interest in.

What are the down sides of signing up?

If you don't like receiving email with work opportunities you shouldn't sign up as a DJP contractor.

After I sign up, how long will it take to be approved?

Most new contractors are approved within an hour of signing up, but often approval is processed more quidkly.

If I sign up with DJP can I still work for competitors?

Yes. We don't attempt to restrict who you work with, or what type of work you do.

What will you do with my information?

The information you provide at signup is only used by DJP for DJP business. It is not -- and will not ever be -- made available to anyone else.