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What is the MPU?

The MPU is the Mobile Production Unit. It is a fancy name for our production trailer.

What are the capabilities of the MPU?

It's difficult to do it justice, but the MPU:

What does it cost to use the MPU?

DJP doesn't charge separately for use of the MPU. Considering it makes our jobs easier and reduces our setup time dramatically, we've elected to include it in the price of most multi-camera productions.

However, to simplify things, the trailer with an engineer to run it is being made available at an introductory rate of $1500 per day. Cameras, other equipment, and other crew members are not included in that rate.

What are the facility requirements?

The MPU does have some facility requirements:

Not all of these are hard requirements. For example, the 650 foot fiber trunk we use can be extended with additional 500-foot cables but this isn't ideal as it adds additional setup time and possible points of failure.

In nearly all circumstances we will need to assess a facility prior to accepting a job to shoot at that location, especially if staff are not familiar with the terminology used in the above requirements.

Where can the MPU be used?

DJP prefers to keep the MPU in northern Utah -- specifically Utah and Salt Lake counties. But for a larger production additional travel is possible.

There are, of course, terrain limitations as well. It may not be possible to take the trailer to locations with unpaved roads or lacking other required facilities.

If a facility doesn't meet requirements, can DJP still shoot?

While we hope that we can always use the MPU, we do realize that sometimes this is impractical or even impossible. For this reason the critical pieces of equipment in the MPU are removable and can be relocated elsewhere. This does potentially reduce production capabilities, and increases setup time dramatically. The additional setup time will incur an additional charge.

What are the advantages of using the MPU over other solutions?

Glad you asked! The MPU offers a lot of advantages over not having it. A few of these include:

What are the power requirements?

The MPU can be run from two standard 110V circuits:

Actual power consumption varies greatly depending on what equipment is required for a particular event and how much power we're able to generate with the solar panels. The numbers given above are absolute maximums.

We have conversion boxes for a four-wire 220V circuit when required. We keep sufficient cabling onboard to run power up to 200 feet when required, but shorter runs are much preferred. A generator is also available, though it can be loud and produce undesirable fumes.